Updated: Aug 4, 2019

FRANKLIN MANOR embarks on a new direction with "BELIEVE."

"BELIEVE" is about my never-ending quest for inner peace and the true power in shifting the way I choose to see the world. Letting go of "the story" and authoring a life of joy and abundance. For me, it's been the practice of taking new action each day, that's had me climb out of a dark place and see the light. The courage to step into a way of being that I've always known was there.

I've been leaning towards a new indie-electronic sound, and my collaboration with producer/writer Roman Marisak is what truly makes it possible. "BELIEVE" is an authentic representation of where I'm at in my musical journey. Like everyone, I know how it feels to suffer. If I can alleviate that for just a moment through song, then I am fulfilled. Empowerment is what I'm after. Not only for me but everyone I come in contact with.

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